Voltage optimisation

It is estimated that 90% of organisations in the UK can save money and energy through voltage optimisation.

Electrical equipment such as lighting, computers and electrical machinery are designed to work at lower voltage of 220 and any fluctuation in the voltage can reduce the life of the equipment.

The UK electricity distribution network operates at a nominal 230V, although in practice average voltages are more likely to range between 240V and 245V.

Voltage Optimisation is a fit and forget solution that once installed will operate silently and unobtrusively, lowering and stabilising voltage, saving money, reducing CO2 emissions and preventing energy waste.

  • Save up to 20% on your energy.
  • Reduce your carbon foot print.
  • Typical payback time 2-3 years.
  • Reduce energy consumption eliminate power loss.
  • Funding solutions.
  • Increase the life scan of the electrical equipment.

An add extra benefit of fitting voltage optimisation is by reducing your energy consumption by up to 20% you will aid any expansion to your site in the future, as anyone knows an increase electricity supply to your site can be a very expensive and some case can hinder the expansion voltage optimisation can help you overcome the problem and increase the available power to your site.