Why is lighting so important?

Partly because of the sheer scale of it. The Carbon Trust has estimated that 20% of all electricity generation is used for lighting. In a business or commercial premises lighting typically accounts for 25% of electricity consumed. With modern LED lighting technology this expenditure can be dramatically reduced, along with CO2 emissions and thus the carbon footprint of the business.

An iGreen energy free lighting audit will show you exactly how savings can be made and how you can improve the overall quality of your business lighting.

Why consider LED lighting?

If your business currently has a fluorescent or halogen lighting system there are many benefits to switching to LED.

  • Potential cost savings of up to 70% on traditional lighting systems
  • 40,000 hours maintenance free life expectancy – often longer
  • Expected payback period through savings is less than 2 years
  • Ongoing protection against rising energy costs
  • High quality of light for all working conditions
  • Easy replacement for existing fluorescent systems
  • Reduced carbon footprint and enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Low interest finance available (subject to qualification)

Our LED lighting also improves the working environment with a more even distribution of light than fluorescent systems. In shops, leisure facilities and other public buildings it produces a welcoming atmosphere and with no UV radiation it will not degrade retail stock. In an office or manufacturing area the lack of flickering and buzzing means a more harmonious working environment potentially leading to greater productivity.

LED lighting from iGreen energy

iGreen energy has linked up with a leading LED lighting manufacturer in order to offer the best possible lighting solutions for all types of commercial premises. Our systems are suitable for offices, public sector buildings, shops, manufacturing sites and farms, amongst others.

If you are considering introducing new lighting technology to your workplace then we would start with a lighting audit. We will visit your premises and start by detailing your existing lighting systems, usage and running costs. The audit will go on to demonstrate how your quality of lighting could be improved, how much money you could save over time and the expected payback period based on savings achieved. We can also explore the options of low cost loans to fund this activity, via the CarbonTrust.

Every business is different in their lighting use and requirements so it is important to start with the lighting audit, as every system we design is bespoke.

Unlike traditional lighting in the workplace, LED lights do not flicker or hum and do not emit ultraviolet radiation.