New Technology

KiloWatt Master  from iGreen energy is an energy management system that will reduce your electricity bills and protect electronic components from power surges.

Benefits of KiloWatt Master

Whatever your business the chances are your electricity costs are going to form a major proportion of your overall costs.  Electricity costs have increased dramatically over recent years and there is nothing to suggest this trend will not continue.  With KiloWatt Master you can reduce these costs and bring other benefits to your business.

  • Energy cost savings through reducing electricity usage.
  • Reduction and potential elimination of utility supplier penalties.
  • More efficient energy management, reducing the amount of reactive power being used.
  • Protection of electronics by flattening voltage spikes.
  • Reduction of CO2 and contribution to Corporate Social REsponsibility
  • Typical payback period of less than 2 years through electricity savings.

How Kilowatt Master saves you money

By reducing inefficiences in your electricity usage and improving your power facto*. A low power factor means you are drawing more electricity than you actually need, because you are using reactive power as well as active power. Reactive power is power that does not perform any actual work but is expended through heating wires due to resistance or starting motors.

A low power factor is caused by inefficient electrical applicances, wiring and induction motors that use reactive power on start up. Items such as air conditioning units, washing machines, dryers, fridges and freezers, compressors and water pumps all use reactive power when switched on. Reactive power also generates heat which equates to wasted energy, known as thermal loss.

If you have a low power factor as a result of this then you will be charged a premium by your electricity provider. KiloWatt master systems store enough electricity, through capacitors, to fuel this reactive energy demand which means you are not drawing it from the grid which, in turn, improves your efficiency. This increases your power factor to a level that should reduce or eliminate the need to pay the premium to your supplier.

Improved motor efficiency

The KiloWatt Master system will ensure that motors are run at the correct voltage. This means that they will run at maximum efficiency reducing noise and heat and helping to extend their life. Electrical wiring will also produce less resistance and thus thermal loss will be reduced.

A more efficient system means lower electricity bills and lower CO2 emissions.

*Power Factor

Your power factor is calculated by dividing total power by active power. A perfectly effecient system would therefore have a score of 1. In the UK charges are levied by the supliers for scores of 0.7 and lower. With KiloWatt Master your expected score would be 0.9 or higher. These premiums are known as reactive power charges.

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