Renewables Roadmap reveals path to a greener energy mix

New government strategy confirms UK on track to meet 15 per cent clean energy target as Green Investment Bank dishes out new loans

The government last week published a long-awaited update to its official Renewable Energy Roadmap, detailing how it expects the clean energy sector to rapidly expand over the next eight years, while also announcing new loans for a series of high profile clean energy projects.

The new document promises a major boost to the renewables sector, and in particular solar technologies, which have for the first time been included in a list of key technologies that will be required to play a role in the UK’s energy mix through to 2020 and beyond.

The UK’s solar industry was dismayed when the government’s 2011 Renewable Energy Roadmap excluded photovoltaic (PV) technologiesfrom a list of green energy technologies that would help generate 15 per cent of the UK’s electricity by the end of the decade.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) had argued PV and solar thermal technologies were too expensive to be deemed a key technology for the UK.

However, the updated version of the Roadmap confirmed the cost of solar PV has fallen 50 per cent since the original document was published and that there is now 1.4GW of operational solar capacity.

As a result, DECC said it now believes solar technology has the potential to form a “significant part of the renewable energy generation mix” and will play a key role in meeting the 2020 goals.

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The UK would end up £20bn better off by growing offshore wind capacity rather than following the gas-intensive pathway the Chancellor espouses, a report backed by Greenpeace and WWF-UK claims today.

George Osborne is tomorrow expected to outline plans for 30 new gas-fired power plants and consult on new tax breaks for shale gas when he unveils the government’s Autumn Statement.Reports suggest that one scenario contained in this new gas strategy would result in 37GW of new gas capacity being in place by 2030 – a surge in gas investment that critics argue would almost certainly breach the UK’s legally-binding carbon targets

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As much as 96% of the UK’s population has not heard of or does not understand the Green Deal, the government’s flagship energy efficiency scheme that is due to launch early next year.

In a survey by electrical distribution company Rexel, 61% of UK adults said they had not heard of the Green Deal while 35% did not understand it.

This was in spite of three quarters of survey respondents saying they were concerned by rising energy bills and almost 70% saying they were interested in making energy efficiency improvements to their homes.

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market research company D&G Consulting has calculated that upgrading 19 million doors in UK households under the Green Deal could help reduce consumers’ bills while meeting the scheme’s so-called ‘golden rule’ – that the costs of improvements should not exceed the total savings over the lifetime of the measure.

D&G’s research calculated that with 31 million doors over 10 years old installed in UK homes, consumers could generate energy savings by upgrading to newer, more energy efficient doors.

David Amos of D&G Consulting, which produced the report, said: “Although it is due to be launched in January, the Green Deal is still very much a work in progress. But the fact remains that in most cases replacing an old entrance door with an energy efficient door will save homeowners money, whether they use the scheme to fund it or not.”






Governments long awaited energy bill

Has arrive Ed Davy in a statement commented on the bill He said the deal represented a “durable agreement” that would unlock billions of pounds of energy infrastructure investment and result in the UK generating more than 30 per cent of its electricity from renewables by 2020

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Christmas Dinners

The news from Radio 4 warned that the supermarkets are having to  import Spanish brussel sprouts to go with our Christmas dinners. The Great British sprout crop has failed because of the awful summer weather, having heard this I looked over the data coming from customers who have had Solar PV installed over 12 months only to find that all of them had achieved the electricity output that was predicated with many system over producing which is great news for our customers.




Electric car’s dont have to be ugly

The latest car to come from Tasla the California based car company is seen as game changer by many in the automotive industry, The Model S destroys just about every negative image of an electric car. It gets a government-rated 265 miles per charge from its battery, is quick, agile, full of surprises like its 14-inch  center display screen and beautiful to boot.

Tory MPs warn energy policy stand-off will drive up bills

Former Conservative energy minister Charles Hendry has today launched his most outspoken attack on the government’s handling of energy policy since he was sacked, arguing that continued uncertainty over the imminent energy bill is in danger of forcing customers’ bills “through the roof”

“Just another reason why fitting solar pv and producing your on electricity makes more sence” Calvin iGreen Energy


SMA Solar UK, has launched its new domestic solar monitoring device, the Sunny View.

The Sunny View device will show users live generation data by connecting with up to twelve inverters using Bluetooth technology.

The portable 5” touch screen display clearly displays electricity yield and CO2 avoidance, allowing users to maximise their investment by smartly controlling their consumption.

The inbuilt SD card slot allows data to be retrieved and downloaded from an inverter for further, detailed analysis. The system’s inbuilt audio and visual alarm also provides customers with a clear warning if there is a problem with the solar array.

However, the Sunny view is not only limited to PV data. The display is also capable of pulling down various other online data including, news, weather forecasts and even social networking feeds.

Jan Van Laetham, Managing Director, SMA UK commented: “SMA are committed to setting new standards in intelligent monitoring solutions for domestic solar PV systems. We understand the ever-changing needs of end-users and our new products reflect this keeping SMA firmly at the forefront of solar PV innovation”.

Sunny View will be on sale shortly


Fen Farm Sun Park in Lincolnshire, Britain’s first large-scale solar farm, has hit electricity generation targets in its first 12 months of operation.

In its first year, the park generated over 884,000kWh of electricity from its 1MW installation with 5,157 solar panels spread over 1.95 hectares. It has since passed the one million kilowatt hour mark





Government Announcement

The Department of Energy and Climate Changes (DECC) unveiled its new energy saving strategy which it says will kick start a revolution in the UK energy efficiency across all sectors including housing, manufacturing and  transport,  DECC say’s by implementing the efficiency it would allow 22 UK power station to close. Full report can  be read on the DECC website. The stratergy identifies four significant barriers that have hampered implementation of energy efficiency

1. lack of information

2 . Misaligned financail incentives

3. undevelop market

4. Hassle of Installation

The Statergy will outline DECC solutions to the issues it has pin pointed.




Carbon Trust

Great deal with the Carbon Trust who will provide you with an unsecured loan for the capital cost for the system which gives you a 50kw of Solar PV virtually for Free, the system will go on to be worth over £100,000.00 in revenue.

Companies can now know how much their energy cost are going to be in the future, for more information please get intouch