Keeping your Solar PV working at maximum performance is very important because as you know low output equals small cheque from the Feed in Tariff.

Engineer fitting Sma Inverter


Full system service will give you piece of mind that you are getting the best return on your investments and maximizing your energy savings.

  • Roof-visual inspection
  • PV array-visual inspection
  • Check and read generation meter.
  • Check and test main isolator.
  • Check warning labels status.
  • Check mounting kit.
  • Check cables status and labels.
  • Check inverter fixing status.
  • Check inverter fan & noise levels status.
  • Check AC/DC cables for signs of damage.
  • Check AC/DC isolators for signs of damage.
  • String Test.
  • Compilation of Report

We can also undertake work for clients whose original installers are no longer in business or just don’t want to know since installed.

It is estimated that 40% of all solar PV systems in the UK are fitted incorrectly or in extreme cases are dangerous with the homeowner unaware of the issues until it stops working leading to lost FiT’S payments

We see many examples of where we have been called out to check a system only to find out it was fitted incorrectly.

A case in point being, ” Mr Davies” who had a 4kw system with a SMA inverter fitted by a local company some 5 years ago, only at the latest FiTs reading was it discovered that the system was more than 50% down on production.


We were called into investigate the issue and quickly found that half of the panels had not been working from the day it was installed, we quickly correcting the problem by plugging in a connector on the system. It was subsequently found that the system was running through one DC switch had system had been working at full power could have easily caused a fire in Mr Davies Attic.

All issues were corrected and for the first time since installation, the customer has seen the system achieve its 4kw maximum and is very pleased with the remedial work we carried out.

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Woollam and Sons Poultry LTD

The customer had been let down by the installer who are no longer trading, we were called into find a fault which had stopped the system working correctly. we spent time checking all the cabling finding and repairing  DC connectors which we left sitting in water which had caused a fault on the inverter and could have endangered anyone working on the roof in the rain from electrocution.

Solar pv-fault finding-fixing faults- repairs to solar pv-Oswestry-Shrewsbury-shropshire

             Woollam 200kw solar PV system

We found most of the DC connector lying on the roof,  every time it rained they were getting wet and corrosion had set in, the connectors were replaced and cable tied up where they would no longer get wet.


Finding the faulty connectors under the solar panels was painstaking process but our team quickly fund the faults and replaced were necessary it such a shame that the installer had let down the customer in this way just for the sake of a cable tie but it’s not the first or the last time will see work like this, we would advise any with solar PV system to get in touch with so we can perform an inspection on a system before a fault occurs which will lead to loss of revenue if not.

   Replacing an Isolator 

We also had to replace two of the Isolator switches which were damaged and had cracks in the casing letting water which could have caused manager damage to the system.