Solar PV

Solar PV has become the quickest growing renewable technologies with many private individuals and business taking full of advantage of the Governments 25 year guaranteed Feed In Tariff (FITs) incentive.



The Technology is proven,simple,and helps to reduce harmful carbon gasses.

Even though the Government has reduced the FITs payments for new entrants we have seen big drops in the cost of solar and once again we are seeing good returns on investments which will grow as we see even high rises in the cost for electricity with increases of over 10% this year alone.

What is solar PV?
Solar PV system uses the sun’s energy to produce electricity through the use of roof or ground mounted solar panels. Improved technology means that this is an efficient way of generating electricity, even on cloudy days. Ideally the panels should be shade free and face south, but the system will work well anywhere south of east and west facing.