Kevin Taylor (Director) CVRollers


“Calvin and his team worked out exactly what we needed to put in place and also sourced a cash-neutral finance package to save our capital expenditure, meaning that we will recover the whole project costs after a period of only five years.

“We are delighted to be working in conjunction with such a progressive local firm and believe that this solar system they have created will play a major part in energy savings and the continued success and expansion of CV Rollers.”



Mr Salter
Mr Salter
was looking for a system which would reduce his electricity cost and provide him with a good return on his investment. Even though he had read about the Governments Feed In Tariff scheme he didn’t fully understand how it worked, It was also important to him that the system didn’t distract from the look of the property. Mr Salter booked an appointment with our team. We carefully took him the through the FIT’s and how the process works and then explained the MSC safe guards which the Government have put in place to protect him and his investment.

(At iGreen Energy we feel it is important that the customer is in control and has all the information they need before making the decision to have Solar PV installed by iGreen).

We surveyed the property for suitability for solar and calculated the returns Mr Salter could expect from the Solar PV system. We also explained the various Solar Panels which we could offer. Mr Salter Opted for 4kw system comprising of 16 Hyundai Mono crystalline Panels with black frames. The system was fitted with a Sunny Boy Inverter and completed within 3 days as predicted.

“IGreen Energy were very helpful and knowledgeable when I was choosing to have Solar PV they told me everything I needed to know and did everything they said they would on time and without  any mess.  My electricity bill is now a third of what it was previously.  I’m very happy with the outcome.” Mr Salter

System details
Size: 4kw
Panels: Hyundai Mono crystalline 245w
Inverter: SMA 4000TL
Output : 3600kwh per annum


Mrs Northwood
Mrs Northwood lives with her husband in a beautiful old stone cottage. Installing solar pv to the property had to be right and great care was needed whilst fitting the system to a property of this age. We sat down with Mr Northwood and went into great detail about the design, installation and the time scale of the project to ensure Mrs North had all the information she needed to have confidence in us.

Mr Northwood “iGreen Energy worked very hard to get my system installed on time and to a standard I was very happy with, they did everything as they said they would with no fuss”.

System details
Size: 2.5kw
Panels: Sharp poly crystalline 195w
Inverter: SMA 2500TL
Output: 2600kwh per annum


Mr Lee
Customers from Welshpool were looking to have Solar PV System which would reduce their energy costs. Having surveyed the house it was decided that it would not be appropriate to have solar fitted as the shading which came from nearby trees would reduce the effectiveness of the Solar PV. We suggested an alternative of installing a ground mounted system which would be fitted discreetly hidden by a nearby hedge row.

System details
Size: 3.8kw
Panels: Panasonic Mono crystalline 240w
Inverter: SMA 4000TL
Output :3500kwh per annum


Mr Hartley Shrewsbury
Mr Hartley who owns a listed Hall and Gardens wanted a system which could not be seen from the building and Garden, we pin pointed the Barn as the best location for the system even though the Barn was facing west we were able source a solution to the problem. The mounting frame was fixed to the roof with a 30 degree tilt facing south to maximise the output from the Solar PV.

“I’m very pleased with the system we have people staying at the Hall who are unaware we have Solar PV which was most important to us, it’s good to see new technology that does not distract from our  building which has a long history”

System details
Size: 4kw
Panels: Canadian Mono crystalline 245w
Inverter: SMA 4000TL
Output : 3400kwh per annum